DIY your own bleach spray T-shirt!

Love this! What a fun and easy way to customize your own t-shirts for Spring/Summer. From lovelyiam, a step by step on the process of diy bleach spray t-shirt design.

Enjoy!  I hope you make some crazy fun shirts. I know I’ll be trying this!

Lovely I am

Hello Lovelies!

I am so excited to share this next craft with you – it’s such a quick and easy way to customise a plain t-shirt, and create something that looks really cool. I was inspired by DIY YouTuber Annika Victoria who was re-creating a look by clothing designer The Left Bank.

As you will be working with bleach for this particular craft, make sure you are in a well ventilated area, and as you are spraying a bleach solution, ensure that it is safe to do so and that you don’t have any pets or children running around that could get in the way! I would strongly recommend that you wear gloves, and stay safe when doing this craft.

For this DIY, you will need:

  • A plain coloured t-shirt – I chose black.DSC_2964
  • Liquid Bleach
  • Thick Cardboard
  • Thick paper or white card
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • A spray bottle, preferably…

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Quest for the Best Burger in Town and Conquering the Bayou Beast

What an exciting adventure!

And it all happened at Zachary’s Cajun Cafe in Kingwood, TX

I decided a while back that I would like to visit different eateries in our area on a quest to find the best burger(s) around town.  I had heard of Zachary’s several times from family members who are in love with their cajun cuisine.  I had no idea that they would be serving burgers and none the less have on their menu “Kingwood’s Best” Burger.

I found this out as we were planning a get together for my Son’s 26th birthday and Zachary’s was decidedly the destination of choice.

Well then of course I was very excited about trying this burger, and rightly so.  It’s really really good.  A half pound of flat grilled goodness to be exact, cooked just the way I like it.  A bit charred on the outside – Yum.  The buns are very soft, topped with mayo, and filled with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions.  It was really delicious.  My husband and I both ordered the burger and both enjoyed it.  The fries are nice and crispy.  So an awesome meal all the way around.

Now…  I know you’re most likely eager to find out about this Bayou Beast that’s being conquered.

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Stay Kissable On The Go!

Fun and Fashionable lip balm holders from Studio 3B!

What a stylish way to clip and carry your favorite lip balm.

Clip to your bag or backpack, a zipper pull, or belt loop.  Your lip balm will always be right there and easy to find.

Studio 3B makes these cute holders using bright, colorful fabrics and adds extra detail by creating a fringed edge on each side.  A key ring is inserted so that these can also double as a keychain. Fun, practical, and great gift ideas.  So many different styles to choose from, like florals, polka dots, funky fun, Wonder Woman, hey!  And ta-da!  These cuties come with a tube of lip balm to get you going.

Studio 3B also makes fun fabric totes and bags.

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Little Wishes

Held close to your heart…

All thanks to Maria Sparks of Steampunk Nation.

I think these are the most clever pieces of jewelry.  Real dandelion seeds encased and made into a unique piece to wear.

Maria has designed these dandelion necklaces using hand blown glass orb terrariums that are delicately filled with little “wishes” and capped in floral filigree to keep the dandelion seeds securely inside.

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Mod Fashion, Mary Tyler Moore Style

Some fashions never go out of style – Even if they did.

You know what I mean?

Mary Tyler Moore’s style from her hit show was fun, sleek, sophisticated and 70’s funk all rolled into one.  It brings back so many memories of the time and a longing to go back, or at least bring back and update these looks.

I love the belts she wore with the rivets and tassels.  Very very 70’s.  Reminds me of those belts Elvis wore with his famous jumpsuits.  Which, speaking of jumpsuits from the 70’s, well, that’s another subject for another day.

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Journal Yum!

I am super excited and super delighted with these custom designed mini journals made by Pretty Byrd Designs!

Beth Byrd really outdid herself on these.

After her feature here on Yum Factor 10, I knew that I had to contact her regarding creating a mini journal for my Yum Factor 10 outings.

The process of ordering a custom made mini journal from Pretty Byrd Designs was very easy and fun.

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Artist Rolly G. Series, Part Two

Hey All!

I’m very happy to be back with this second installment of the Artist Rolly G. Series.

Rolly has been very kind in sharing one of his works in progress.

This February 21, 2017, he and his wife found out that she is pregnant.  He was inspired to paint this mother and child painting and was able to document his process.

Yay for us!

Here is his first sketch for the Mother and Child, and then painting in the background.  I love how he incorporates all the different shades of blue.   So pretty.

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