Grandma’s Cabbage Soup

Some of my fondest childhood memories are being in the kitchen with my Grandma while she cooked.

One of her favorite things to make was Cabbage Soup.  She made this at least once a week and we all loved it very much.  I continue her legacy now by making this same soup for my family.  I think of her every time I prepare this easy and delicious meal.

From my family to yours – Grandma’s Cabbage Soup

Grandma's Cabbage Soup


This recipe is very simple and easily adjusted to your particular tastes.  All you need for the basic recipe is the following:




Tomato Sauce (8 oz can)


Salt and Pepper


You first begin by preparing your vegetables.  The cabbage will be your biggest task.  Take off the outer leaves and cut out the core.  You will then want to section your cabbage for easy handling, and dice into nice sized chunks.  Be sure to rinse well.  When I was a kid, my Grandmother would always give me raw cabbage to snack on while she was making this soup and we always enjoyed eating the core or heart raw as well.  It has a nice spicy taste to it.

Prepare Cabbage
Prepare Cabbage by Rinsing and Dicing

Next, prepare the rest of your vegetables by rinsing and cutting into nice bite sized cubes.

For this pot of soup I made, I added zucchini.  You may add any other vegetables that you desire to your soup.  But the 3 basic vegetable medley is what really makes this Grandma’s Cabbage Soup.

Use as much of each vegetable as you like.  I usually use 2 medium sized potatoes, several celery stalks and 1-2 zucchinis.

Diced vegetables for soup
Dice your Vegetables for the Soup

Once everything is rinsed and diced, it’s time to assemble it in a pot for cooking.  I’d say a medium/large soup pot will work fine.  I do not use my largest pot for this recipe, but you can make as little or as much as you’d like.  I use (1) 8 oz can of Tomato Sauce for this recipe and add enough water to fully cover the vegetables and have plenty for a nice broth.  I always check the water color to see if I am happy with the amount of tomato sauce that I’ve added.  I don’t like it too dark, but just a nice rosy color.  You can add more tomato sauce for a larger pot of soup and less for a smaller pot.  Adjust to your preference.  Here’s a picture of how it should look:

Prepared Soup, Ready to Cook
Prepared Soup, Ready to Cook

Add salt and pepper to taste.  It’s best to go lightly and then adjust after cooking.   Don’t forget the butter.  A tablespoon of your favorite butter or margarine will work great and adds richness to the broth.  I usually add the butter when the soup is almost ready.  I’ve also added a few dashes of Montreal Steak Seasoning for extra flavor.  You can use garlic powder and Italian seasoning to give it an Italian flare, which, when I do this, I like to add baby lima beans to the mix, it’s delicious, especially when you then serve it with an Italian melt sandwich.  The possibilities with this recipe are endless.

Bring your soup to a nice (but not harsh) rolling boil.  Cook for approximately 30-45 minutes on a medium heat once it comes to a boil.  You do not want to overcook this soup.  The cabbage is best when it’s cooked just to a nice tenderness, but not mushy.  You can test the other vegetables with a fork to make sure they’re cooked thoroughly, especially the potatoes.  They will take the longest to cook completely.

Cook your Soup
Cook your Soup for approx. 30-45 min.

Once everything is cooked through, it’s time to ladle up your soup and enjoy!  Here’s how your finished soup should look:

Grandma's Cabbage Soup
Grandma’s Cabbage Soup – Yum Factor 10

So delicious — The vegetables are completely cooked through without being overcooked.  YUM!!

The butter adds a nice sheen and richness to your broth — YUM!!

Make your favorite hot or cold sandwich to go along with this, and you’ll have a wonderful complete meal for your family.  Or just serve with french bread and butter.  However you like, I hope you enjoy Grandma’s Cabbage Soup.


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