Art and Fashion with True Passion

Original art by Wil Shepherd

“I explore, I find, I love, but I can not keep it all.”  Wil Shepherd

Wil Shepherd is truly an amazing artist of many forms, a man of great style, with much passion for his work as well as for our environment.

I was drawn in immediately by Mr. Shepherd’s sense of style and then was blown away when I delved further into his works of art.

Mr. Shepherd has been in business creating art, home furnishing, and fashion for the last 35 years, a company he started at the age of 19.

His latest project is the re-engineering of clothing.  Get ready to be totally amazed….

Wil Shepherd Fashion

Wil Shepherd Fashion Tie

His design philosophy is to re-purpose and reinvent clothing to create new garments combining and interchanging parts from several garments into a new fresh look.

Mr. Shepherd states that, “Doing so helps to save the planet from excess landfill, in an effort to do our part in reducing the carbon footprint.”  “Discarded clothing and textiles are the 2nd largest pollutant we are facing in the fight on global pollution.”

Well, I say thank you for that, and thank you for making such wonderful fashion art for us to enjoy!

Wil Shepherd Fashion

Wil Sheperd Women's Fashion

Mr. Shepherd’s Fashion line is available for both sexes, and many items are interchangeable.

Another component of his work that is also very fascinating is his hand embroidering of ties.

Wil Shepherd Fashion Tie

Wil Shepherd Fashion Tie

They are all so unique and beautifully done.  You definitely must stop by his shop and have a look for yourself.

Wil Shepherd Original Art

Mr. Shepherd says, “I find items all over the country. I often take road trips across the states, and have traveled about 80% of Americas secondary highways and back roads, often driving 30,000 to 40,000 miles a year. I refrain from the interstates and only take the back roads through small towns and much of unseen America. I have driven around the entire country on month long trips on several occasions, almost always with my dog, finding all kinds of amazing art, vintage and antiques.  My shop is a collective of my work, as well as treasures I find on my journeys.”

And to add to his environmental commitment, Mr. Shepherd conveyed to me in a conversation that,  “I am excited to do what I can to contribute to reducing dangerous numbers facing our planet and environment.  In all my art from my paintings often done on used and discarded canvas and board, and framed in vintage frames. To my embroidery which is done using discarded fabric samples. To my sculptures which incorporate found and discarded objects, using found and discarded items.”

So much commitment, passion, and talent.  I need to do several features on Mr. Shepherd to fully show his range.

Wil Shepherd Original Art

Wil Shepherd Original Art

Wil Shepherd Original Art Necklace

To see more of Wil Shepherd’s fabulous works of art and fashion, which I’m sure you’re just like me now in saying that it is a must,  please visit his online Etsy Shop.

Wil Shepherd Instagram: wil_shepherd_studio (clothing) and wilshepherdetsy (vintage)

Needless to say, in going with the theme of this blog, Mr. Shepherd is definitely bringing the YUM!

Please keep up the beautiful work that you do!

It was a complete honor to do this feature compiling the works of the Wil Shepherd Studio.

Till next time, stay wonderful!


Sun Hat by Wil Shepherd

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