Sinners and Saints

Which do you prefer?  Sinners or Saints?

Are you saying, Huh?

Well, let me explain.  We’re talking about beer here.  You’re still saying, Huh?

Sinners and Saints are 2 lines of beer produced by a local craft brewery here in Porter, Tx called Back Pew Brewing.

This is all very clever on their part.  They’ve established their brewery in an old church building and in keeping with that theme, their name – Back Pew Brewing (You’ll have to visit their website and read all about this fun story.), and the theme of their beers – Sinners and Saints.

Back Pew Brewing

We got a chance to visit Back Pew Brewery and give these Sinners and Saints a try.

Back Pew Brewing

I tried the Hopostle (So clever!)

Here is their description of Hopostle: The Hopostle is a devout follower of tradition. Brewed in the style of a classic American IPA, this beer’s dry profile helps bring out the citrusy potential of its hops. The absence of heavy malts means the hops make their presence known, but they don’t linger on the palate. And although the color is light, the high ABV betrays the Hopostle’s inner Sinner.

It is very good!  I definitely recommend this IPA.  We all do!  The description of this brew is accurate.  It is very pleasant to drink.

Back Pew Brewing

And we learned from the Brewmaster, Bobby Harl, that it is a popular beer, which they are actually about to tweak the recipe a bit – We’re like noooooo…..!!  Haha!  But I’m sure it will be even more delicious.

The Brewery is open to the public on Saturdays from 12 – 5pm.  They had quite a crowd out there this weekend.

Back Pew Brewing

Both inside and out – And doggies!  And families and kids.

Back Pew Brewing

I hope you get a chance to try one or more of their beers.

Stop by and visit their website to learn more about them, the Brewmaster, and all of their different brews.  They have all the descriptions on their site.

Back Pew Brewing

Hopostle is definitely bringing the YUM!

My crew and official tasters!  My Son, Sister and Hubby.  Cheers!

Yum Factor 10 Crew

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