Hidden Gem and True Artist

And of whom and what do I speak?

Well, only one of the very most important art forms there is — Hair Styling!  And I am celebrating one of the most talented hair stylists I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, Vd Martin.

I know that we all believe our stylist is the best, as we should, and I tell you, this lady is really something else.  And as for a hidden gem, that she is.  I did not find her in the largest salon in town, or the most advertised around.  My Husband actually referred me to her salon when he knew I was looking for a new stylist.  As you all know, finding a new stylist can be a very scary task.  You do not know what the outcome will be until you do actually put your trust in someone and let them loose on your hair.  Aaaaa!!  Which, at that point, I had given a lot of salons a try in my quest for a new hairstylist.  I decided to give her a try, since my Husband had his hair cut at this salon and was pleased.  I was so happy to find someone that I felt like I could trust and that I felt like knew what they were doing, and someone that understood what I was asking for and who would really listen to me and most of all, care.  Well, actually, most important of all, make my hair look good!

After approximately 2 years going to Vd’s Salon now, I am still a very satisfied customer.

And I did visit her yesterday, after trying to grow out my hair for a little while.  I do not like showing unfavorable pictures of myself, but a picture speaks a thousand words, so I will show you my before so that you will really appreciate the after as I do.

Hair by Vd, Humble, TX

What a huge difference!!

Hair by Vd, Humble, TX

Vd transformed my hair from drab to fab!  A complete hair makeover!

I’m totally in love with my hair again, and even with my natural hair color grown back in.  This style really makes the most of my natural highlights.  Before my cut, Vd took time to talk with me about what I was wanting in a new style.  I always love wearing a Bob style cut, and was wanting some layers this time, so this is what we decided would be best.  I’m thrilled with the results and very thankful that she took the time to make sure that our final decision would be the right one for my type of hair, my facial shape, and how I like to style my hair.

Not only is Vd an excellent stylist,  she is a master colorist. So many of her clients come for the color!

Hair by Vd, Humble, TX

Hair by Vd, Humble, TX

Look for Vd on her Facebook Business Page to set up an appointment,  Hair by Vd.  She prefers to set up appointments by text.  You can find all her information on her page.

Vd’s salon is located on Will Clayton Parkway in Humble, TX, just north of Houston.

Hair by Vd, Humble, TX

If you’re looking for a fantastic stylist and colorist, well look no further.

Till next time, stay wonderful!


Hair by Vd, Humble, TX

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