Dream Great Dreams

“If you can dream it, I can create it!”, says Viki, who is not only an amazing artist, but is truly an amazing person.

You’ll be blown away by her work, and your heart will melt reading her story…

Dream Great Dreams

Viki started Dream Great Dreams in 2013 after her 2nd grandson was born that year with Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia, or JMML.  She says, “My sweet grandson was the inspiration for my Etsy store.   I wanted to be able to spend as much time with him as possible, so I decided to quit my job, but I still needed to make an income and wanted to help my Son and Daughter-in-Law with the staggering medical bills.”

“I’d made one of my wheel clocks for my Husband for Christmas the year before Ezra was born and so many friends and family had asked me to make them one too, I thought I’d see if they would sell on Etsy.”

Dream Great Dreams

Dream Great Dreams

“1,700 orders and 2,000+ clocks later I’m still loving what I do and feel really good my work saves thousands of pounds of metal from our landfills and at the same time helps my family.”

“I go around to local bike shops and collect the parts that are discarded when a bike gets worked on.  Sometimes it’s a box full and other times it’s more than will fit in my car! I also get parts from a metal recycler who collects from bike shops, but it’s more hit and miss when he has something I can use.”

Dream Great Dreams

 “I think cleaning the parts is my biggest challenge. I only use biodegradable cleaning fluids so that means a lot of soaking and scrubbing, but it’s just part of what it takes. The environment is really important to me and I believe I have a responsibility to be kind to it so future generations will be able to find wide open spaces, clean beaches, and forests filled with trees. This is what motivated me to use recycled materials and biodegradable cleaning fluids in the first place. I think if people can see things they normally think of as trash, transformed into functional works of art, the next time they have something to throw away they may think of another way to use it or at least make sure it gets to a recycling center.”

Dream Great Dreams

Viki not only makes clocks from bike gears and wheels, but other fun recyclables such as film reels and vintage cameras.  Which, another interesting fact about Viki is that she worked as an accountant in the feature film industry before beginning this new venture in life.

Dream Great Dreams

Dream Great Dreams

The metal film reels are vintage and some still have the original film on the reel.  These are truly authentic home theater decor.  Viki states, “You won’t find any other film reel wall clocks made like mine because I cut out the back of the large film reel so the clock mechanism can fit inside. This allows me to layer film reels on top of each other and when hung, your clock looks as if it’s floating on the wall, a really interesting look.”

“I only use top of the line, American made, clock mechanisms which I feel is such an important part of crafting a superior clock because even though these are interesting and fun to look at, you still want it to be accurate, right? Of course!”

Dream Great Dreams

 “I pride myself on quality and craftsmanship, and carry several clock hand styles and colors for you to choose from.  A great way to customize your clock to your taste and decor. You won’t need to worry about having the right battery when you unpack your clock, I include one with every order free of charge. Every clock is made by me, one at a time, handcrafted with exceptional quality, original designs, superior components, and recycled materials.”

Dream Great Dreams

As you’ve seen, Viki’s designs are quite varied, and all are very stunning. Many of her styles have an Industrial or Steampunk look. It’s so much fun to browse through her shop at all her amazing work.

Viki says that “A large portion of every sale goes to my Son and his family to use for medical expenses or anything else they feel the boys need.  I don’t know what I would have done without Etsy and my wonderful customers, they make it all possible!”

I hope you’ll stop by and visit Viki’s shop.  You can read more there about her journey and all that they’re doing for her grandson Ezra, as well as how you can help too.

“Here’s hoping we can all Dream Great Dreams and Make Them Come True!”  Viki, Dream Great Dreams.

And from me, till next time, stay wonderful!


Dream Great Dreams

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