Hold on to Your Hats!

You’re going to love this!

The Havisham Head'N Home Handmade Hats
The Havisham

I came across Head’N Home recently and fell in love with their product.  Complete brilliance in hat making! Everything is handmade with exceptional care, and each hat is like a work of art.

 Just as amazing as their product, is the story of how their founder, Mr. Gary Watrous began his hat making journey.

I’ll summarize from Mr. Watrous’ story, which can be found in its entirety on their site:

Gary Watrous began Head’N Home in the early 1970’s with an investment of $20.00 in leather and $20.00 in leather working tools.  He began with making belts, wallets and purses and selling them from his 1960 Chevy station wagon.  After creating a hat for himself and loving it, he never looked back.  Hats became his sole artistic focus and calling.  Since then he’s had the good fortune to have tremendous support and advice from talented hat professionals and knowledgeable individuals over the years and also the good fortune to have a creative and supportive family who have chosen to join him as the demand for his handmade hats has grown.

Today his son, brother, sister, daughter and wife all contribute their artistic attributes to their family business.  They are all genius at what they do.

 They have a variety of hat lines, including Double G western hats with a rock star edge, American Outback, Ashbury, and Sol Air, but my two favorites are their Voodoo Hatter and Steampunk Hatter lines.

Here are some hats from their Steampunk Hatter Line.  It was tough deciding which to feature here, as every single one of their designs is just unbelievable.  There is definitely something for everyone, and for every taste.

Absinthe and Pistol.

Head'N Home Hats

Trinket and Draco

The designs, the details, all the extra special effects.  Everything is just so stunning.

Now get ready for Voodoo Hatter.

The Caliber from Head'N Home Hats

Head’N Home describes this line as Badass Leather Top Hats.  The meek need not apply.  Gotta love it!

Claw and The El Dorado Fleur de Lis

Pale Rider – Skull Band and Rio Topper


Head’N Home has hats for men and women and for just about every occasion.

You can definitely see and feel the love that this family pours into their work.  It was an honor to feature Head’N Home here on Yum Factor 10.  A huge thank you to them for bringing these creative and ingenious hats to life.

Head’N Home Handmade Hats

Watsonville, CA

Till next time, stay wonderful!


(Pictures courtesy of Head’N Home)

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