Artist Rolly G. Series, Part One

Rolly G. art makes my heart sing…

I’ve been very very excited about featuring the works of Rolly G.

I came across Rolly’s art not too long ago and fell completely in love with his style, his use of colors, his subject matter, just everything totally drew me in and made me smile.

When you think you’re totally impressed with a Rolly G. painting, just wait till you see the next one, then the next one, and so on!  And they are also very surprising.  He shows you something new all the time, but yet still Rolly G.  Just wait… You’ll see!

First, I’d like to introduce you to Rolly G.  Rolly has been very generous in sharing his fabulous artwork and his personal story.  Rolly is also going to tell us about his creations in his own words.  I hope you enjoy!

“My name is Rolly Garcia.”

“Originally, I am from the Philippines. Zamboanga City (Philippines) is my hometown while Davao City (Philippines) is where I get settled and got a career. I also consider it as my second home. I am married with 1 daughter and 1 baby coming soon (approximately by October 2017). In 2015, we moved to United States to fulfill our so-called “American Dream.”

We currently live in Macon, Georgia (Just one and a half hour away from the famous City – Atlanta). The place is peaceful and the people are amazing here. They are courteous and pleasant to deal with.

When I was young, I am into arts. I really love to draw anything. I am a left-handed person, so I think I gave justice to the description that “left handed persons are creative.”

Back in the Philippines, I never had the chance to paint. Basically it’s because I don’t have the time. I was a Medical Representative and most of the time I am busy (working almost 7 days a week with lots of paper works and other extra activities). Also, the painting materials in the Philippines are quite expensive and honestly I cannot afford to buy them, they would range from Php.500.00 – Php.1,000.00 (in Philippine currency).

When we move here in the United States, I decided to try one of the things in my bucket list – To paint! Started checking out the painting materials, from canvas to acrylic paints and paint brushes.  I was a bit surprised that the materials are quit affordable. So last July 2016, I started buying small canvases and some acrylic paints and I did my first experiment on doing acrylic painting.”

“This was my first successful acrylic paint.”

 Title: The Sunset with 3 hearts

“I started painting on smaller canvas first with simple designs and fewer colors. Currently, I started painting bigger ones and adding more mediums like buttons, beads, glitters and sisal rope to create textures and to make a different approach in doing acrylic paintings. This will make my creations unique too. I consider myself as novice in this field. I never attended any formal lessons or trainings about painting. I am still learning, exploring, experimenting and at the same time enjoying this new passion. I read articles and blogs related to paintings to enhance my knowledge and to gain new ideas to master my craft.”

 “Coins and hardware parts paintings – I created this to create some sort of tree/flower design.  Materials are Philippine coins and mostly hardware parts. This was made on 24″x 36″ canvas, painted with black background and sprayed some metallic silver spray paint.”

“3 piece acrylic painting with sisal rope (twine) – Mixed media arts.  Ideal for a bedroom or office to create some calming effect because it gives you “Nature Feels.”

“Meow – a painting of cat with buttons.”

“When I started posting some of my works on Facebook and Instagram, I get a positive response from my friends and that inspires me to do more. Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. In Art, imagination is your limit.”

“Lady in Red – She is in Paris, searching for Love.”

“A Walk in the Rain – showing a girl in red with umbrella walking through the city.”

“One of my goals is to have my own exhibit in the future to raise funds and to make a charity event. Back in the Philippines, I was able to organize two charity events, and I lead my team to raise funds (by selling stuff) and the amount raised was used for the charity event. We visited the “House of Hope” – wherein the patients here are kids with cancer. We brought some gifts (like toys), food and gave some fun (thru games). At least in this way, we want to bring smile on their faces and let them forget of their condition. I love doing charity, as this is our way of giving back for all the blessings that God gave us through the years.”

“Hot Air Balloon – Made with buttons, beads and some craft materials. Love lift us up where we belong.”

“The Love Birds – 2 birds having a great view of the moon.”

“Abstract Painting – In black, red, and white. This painting is showing a red color in the center of the 4 piece acrylic painting with some black and white background.”

That one just blows me away!  Hey, it’s Jfay again.

I hope you enjoyed previewing Rolly’s captivating artworks.  There is so much that I want to show here on Yum Factor 10 of his paintings, that I am doing a Three Part Series, this being the first installment.

There are more fabulous artworks, plus Rolly has documented a step by step of one of his paintings that has very special meaning to him and his family.  Cannot wait to show you all more!

And speaking of more….  I do have one more to show you that has special meaning to me.

I am very very fortunate to now possess a Rolly G. of my own – It’s hanging on my dining room wall – Aaaaaa!!!  Haha!!  I’m like a giddy fan – which I am!

This one is titled Prima Ballerina:

This was painted in acrylics and has sparkly beads that look to me like she’s dancing among the stars.  It’s just so stunning!  The black background is very shiny.

I want to show you a closeup of the texture he’s put on her skirt/tutu.  This is what he told me about how he created this effect.

“One interesting thing about the Prima Ballerina painting:  I used cotton buds (instead of regular paint brush) to create the texture on her skirts.  I dip the tip of the cotton buds on the acrylic paint and dab it on the canvas to create a unique texture.  I’m quite sure nobody else have used this technique.  That make this painting a one of its kind.”

Well, I am certainly thrilled — honored — just completely ecstatic to have this original Rolly G.  I shall cherish it always.  I told Rolly that she fits right in and seems so much at home here as I decorate my living room in the cosmos.   She’s dancing in the stars surrounded by the universe.   Which, her skirt reminds me of a galaxy all its own.  All the planets dancing in their own beautiful harmony.

And that’s just what Rolly G. sets out to do, as he said himself – “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. In Art, imagination is your limit.”

Please feel free to contact Rolly G. regarding purchasing a painting of your own.  You owe it to yourself!

Here are Rolly’s online connections:
Facebook Page: Paintings by Rolly G.
Instagram: @paintingsbyrollyg

Till next time, stay wonderful!


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