Calling All Beer Lovers!

Here’s something fun for you!

Show off your beer cap collection in style.


They make all kinds of fabulous products in which to keep your beer cap collections.

I love this Texas Beer Typography Shadow Box.  It lists popular craft breweries from right here in the great state of Texas.

They make these for many states, as well as their Beer Cap Maps in the shape of all the states.  I’m showing you their Texas one (of course :).

Their Beer Cap Maps also come in the shapes of different Countries, including the U.S.  On their site I saw holders in the shapes of Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, the UK and more.  Something for everyone, no matter where you are.

They also make their Beer Cap Holders in other shapes.

I love this one!  Beer Cap Trap says, “Don’t let the music die, man!  Drink up and rock on!”  Too fun!

I also really like this smaller one in the shape of a beer bottle.  It’s a refrigerator magnet.

A fun way to show guests which beers are available at your next party.

To use their cap traps, says simply insert your caps from the back of the map.  You then have your own personal piece of wall art, and it displays your favorite brands of beer.  Yay!

I was impressed with their onsite statement.  They say they never compromise on quality, and their materials are sourced from sustainable sources.  The descriptions I read say that their maps/holders are made using laser cut Baltic Birch.  They produce their items here in America with American craftsmanship, and they give back to their community.

Beer Cap Trap also has a shop on Etsy called Wooden Shoe LLC.

Here they carry whimsical wooden coasters, Home Sweet Home state signs and other novelty items.  Check this fun Seinfeld inspired coaster set.

All their products make great gift ideas for the beer lovers in your life – and for yourself.

And don’t forget those party beads you collect at Mardi Gras!

Celebrate, collect the memories, and showcase!

Beer Cap Trap says their products are the coolest way to display your love of beer.

For sure!!

On Instagram: beercaptrap

Till next time, stay wonderful!  And enjoy some good brews!


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