Artist Rolly G. Series, Part Two

Hey All!

I’m very happy to be back with this second installment of the Artist Rolly G. Series.

Rolly has been very kind in sharing one of his works in progress.

This February 21, 2017, he and his wife found out that she is pregnant.  He was inspired to paint this mother and child painting and was able to document his process.

Yay for us!

Here is his first sketch for the Mother and Child, and then painting in the background.  I love how he incorporates all the different shades of blue.   So pretty.

Drawing in the outline for the Mother and Child, and painting the skin tones.

Here he’s adding more color and enhancing the shape.  Rolly G. in action!

The finished product.

Mother and Child by Rolly G.

If you missed the first Rolly G. Series feature you can click Here to find out all about Rolly and his  amazing art.

Here are Rolly’s online connections:
Facebook Page: Paintings by Rolly G.
Instagram: @paintingsbyrollyg

I’ll be doing a third installment in the Artist Rolly G. Series soon and will be featuring more of his work.  You won’t want to miss it!

Till next time, stay wonderful!


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