Mod Fashion, Mary Tyler Moore Style

Some fashions never go out of style – Even if they did.

You know what I mean?

Mary Tyler Moore’s style from her hit show was fun, sleek, sophisticated and 70’s funk all rolled into one.  It brings back so many memories of the time and a longing to go back, or at least bring back and update these looks.

I love the belts she wore with the rivets and tassels.  Very very 70’s.  Reminds me of those belts Elvis wore with his famous jumpsuits.  Which, speaking of jumpsuits from the 70’s, well, that’s another subject for another day.

But she did wear her own version.

I have been noticing that it looks like maxi’s may be trying to make a comeback.  Here’s one that I really liked from the show that Phyllis wore.  Love all the different colors and patterns that someone bravely put together into one creation.

Mary has long been credited with being one of the first truly modern women daring to make a place for herself in an executive workplace environment.  And the fashions she wore really did make that statement.

Her look remained feminine, but yet some outfits had a more masculine edge, with pants and tailored shirts.  One of my favorite outfits she wore in the workplace was a shock to her co-workers.  She came in dressed in an “almost” men’s suit and wearing a men’s tie.  I was hoping to be able to find a picture of that outfit, but no luck yet!

Photo Archive/Getty Images)

Here is a picture of Phyllis sporting a tie.  I don’t know what it is about a woman wearing a tie.  I just think it looks really smart if put together the right way.

Or a kerchief.

I would never have thought of pulling this look together, but it certainly works!

And those skirts… There’s a fun belt again!

No matter what she wore, she wore it well.

And speaking of wearing it well…

You may recall my feature here on the Wil Shepherd Studio.  Mr. Shepherd updates vintage clothing, and I found this very Mod, floral tie there.  This would definitely be fun to build an outfit around.

May have to get my own thing going on!

If you’re not familiar with The Mary Tyler Moore Show, I hope you’ll find episodes on Hulu and catch a few.  They have 3 seasons up now, and I’m hoping they’ll run the rest of the seasons as well.  It’s so fun to see her and all the newsroom gang and revisit all those far out fashions.

Till next time, stay wonderful!  And rock your own Mod style!


(Photos courtesy of the internet, Pinterest, and Wil Shepherd Studio)

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