Stay Kissable On The Go!

Fun and Fashionable lip balm holders from Studio 3B!

What a stylish way to clip and carry your favorite lip balm.

Clip to your bag or backpack, a zipper pull, or belt loop.  Your lip balm will always be right there and easy to find.

Studio 3B makes these cute holders using bright, colorful fabrics and adds extra detail by creating a fringed edge on each side.  A key ring is inserted so that these can also double as a keychain. Fun, practical, and great gift ideas.  So many different styles to choose from, like florals, polka dots, funky fun, Wonder Woman, hey!  And ta-da!  These cuties come with a tube of lip balm to get you going.

Studio 3B also makes fun fabric totes and bags.

New Button Art Fashion Handbags.

Right now, use Coupon Code: KISSME to receive 10% off your total order!

Woo Hoo!

Studio 3B

Till next time, stay wonderful!


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