Texas Humor

The love of Texas and the pride of being a Texan is something that cannot be explained.  It’s just that special something that’s deep rooted in a Texan’s heart.

That’s why I was instantly drawn to this family and their small business. They’re all about Texas pride, and displaying your Texas pride for all to see.

Texas Humor.  Clothing for the Texas State of Mind.  Gotta love it!

Jay and Priscilla are the owners of Texas Humor.  Here is a little of their story in their own words.

“We are a husband and wife owned small business founded in the garage of our first home together. After almost 10 years in advertising and 5 years in marketing, we decided to go in to business together preaching the gospel of Texas. Our two corgis, Carl and Winslow, are our close advisors.”

They design all of their product themselves and ship everything directly. They are now working from a warehouse in South Austin and have 14 employees.

Jay says, “Don’t let our larger facilities and big ol’ social media audience size fool ya. We still hand ship all of y’all’s orders and design all of our products from scratch. We’re proud to be a small business that’s committed to excellent customer service, high quality products, and of course Texas Pride.”

And with that – Here’s their Region Collection of shirts.  These are so cool.  If you think Texans are proud of being Texans, well, we’re equally proud of the region from which we sprang (said with a Texas twang).

And ahem… as you can see, the East Texan shirt is showcased the largest…  East Texan proud!

And here’s a shirt that says it all.

They say there are no words to describe something so amazing, so beautiful, but this does the trick.

Texas Humor has all kinds of fun stuffs for proud Texans.  From t-shirts, to hats, decals, earrings, koozies, flags, even cute baby attire.

You can feel their love of Texas when you browse their site.  It’s truly a delight to visit.

Owner Jay’s love of Texas has also been expressed with a journey he made to document the entirety of Texas’ perimeter (3,822 miles) from the skies.   His photographs and story are featured in Texas Monthly.

I hope you’ll stop by and visit Texas Humor.

You can find Jay on Instagram and see his awesome photographs at jaybsauceda.

Texas Humor on Instagram.

Till next time, stay wonderful, y’all!


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