Artist Rolly G. Series, Part Three

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Rolly G.

“Sometimes we don’t understand the things that happen in our life. Life may be just purely black. No light, full of darkness and misery.

But we should not stop moving on and moving forward. We may experience darkness, challenges and struggles, but we must have the strength to combat these barriers in life.”

Welcome to Part Three of the Artist Rolly G. Series.  I’m very happy to present more fascinating art works from Rolly G.  Rolly’s work captured me from first sight.  He continues to amaze me with his style and his inner vision.

In his Abstract on Black painting, Rolly inspires and encourages us with his message, “You can see a black background that represents the darkness in life. However, I added some colors on these paintings to show that there is hope and light despite all the challenges we may meet in our journey called LIFE!

Keep going and never give up!”

Rolly’s work is always uplifting and fills my heart with joy.

I absolutely adore this Whimsical Winter Tree.  Rolly’s addition of stars and crystals makes this painting truly magical.

You will find the beauty of nature in many of Rolly’s works of art.

Koi Fish by Rolly G.

The Lucky Tree in crystal beads and circular leaves.

You will also find a hint of romance in paintings by Rolly G.

Lovers in the Rain.

“We all love Paris, because it’s the most romantic place on earth.” Rolly G.

The Eiffel Tower

Girl in the Rain.

And to show you that a Rolly G. painting can feel at home no matter what room you’d like to display one of his paintings.  Wait for it….

Works of art for the kitchen by Rolly G.!

Lime, Apple, and Watermelon

Spoon, Fork and Knife

These are so much fun!  So bright and cheerful.

Rolly’s use of colors and mixed mediums is to me, absolutely brilliant.  His style automatically brings a smile.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this third installment of Rolly G.’s art, and that you’ll visit Rolly online to keep up with all of his new works.

Artist Rolly G. on Facebook

Artist Rolly G. on Instagram

Rolly’s Blog

Till next time, stay wonderful and enjoy art by Rolly G.!


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  1. Hey Lovely, I’m very very sorry but I accidentally hit the delete button instead of send when I was replying to you! 😦
    I’m really glad you found the review helpful and thank you very much for checking out my blog too! Xxx


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