In Color Salon

You know the saying about how things always work out for the best?

 Well, I’m a definite believer, and it seems that this was one of those times, and time for me to try a new salon this week.  Due to fun unexpected happenings and scheduling reasons, I had to take the plunge.

Since the last time we talked hair and salons, I made the decision to go back to coloring my hair, and it was also time for a new Bob style.

After a little research online deciding which area salon to try, I chose Paul Mitchell’s In Color Salon here in Atascocita, and so glad I did!  I had the time of my life, met some new friends, and got a fantastic new do!

Upon calling the salon, I was very pleasantly surprised that they did actually have an opening that same evening.  They stay open till 8 pm, three nights a week.  So convenient for after work appointments.

I was scheduled with Brittany, a Master Stylist, and was told that she had been with the salon for 10 years, so I felt very comfortable going in.

And master she is!  Oh my goodness…  I have been getting a Bob style cut for many years and do not ever remember anyone being as precise as Brittany.  My husband told her after the cut that she was the first person he’d ever seen sitting in a chair to cut hair.  And that was certainly my first experience with that as well.  When she cut the sides, she put herself right at eye level with where she was cutting so that it would be a very clean edge.  Every detail of the cut, from beginning to end, was perfection.  And she did it with such seemingly ease.  You can tell that she’s more than experienced in her artistry.

And my new do!

Brittany made me feel welcome from the get-go.  We had a consult, she looked at the pictures I had as examples, and knew exactly the style that I was wanting.  She told me that she really enjoys doing this type of cut, and that was exciting and assuring news to me.

The shampoo area here is very calming.  The area is dimmed so you can relax, and my favorite part is that the sinks aren’t too low.  I sometimes experience vertigo when I have my hair shampooed, but not even an issue here in the least.  That was a definite plus plus.

We had lots of fun conversation during my visit and I did feel like I had made a new friend.  All the stylists here are very friendly.  Several of them spoke to me while I was getting styled.  Christian came by and chatted a bit and told me that I definitely had the right person for cutting my Bob.  I was admiring her hair style and color, and they told me that Brittany also does her hair.

Check this out!

I may need to step up my color game!  This is so gorgeous!

With this being a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon – In Color – They really do focus on color.  Here is their color bar.

Brittany has recommended a PM Shine treatment for me if I’m wanting to get back to a deep chocolate brown color (since I did have a lot of silvers to color and I did color it myself before making my appointment.).  She says that it will really give my hair a healthy shine.

Or perhaps I may want to go purple??  So fun!

Here are some of the very friendly faces you’ll see on your visit to In Color Atascocita  – And believe me, you’ll want to visit.

Haley (on the left), Megan, Brittany and Christian.

They have a lot of enticing items at the Tool Bar and great Paul Mitchell products to take home.

This is a very nice salon.  I enjoyed the modern/industrial look.  It’s very open and spacious. Jamie was the receptionist on duty and was the one that set the tone for my whole experience.  From the phone call, to my greeting upon entering their establishment, to a warm farewell.

I really do recommend this salon, and I certainly plan to return.  How could I not?  Exceptional care and service.  I really felt pampered and I felt like Brittany really cared about my hair and my entire experience in her chair.

Thank you Brittany!  You are FABULOUS!  And made me feel fabulous!


And we decided that Brittany should be crowned Queen of Bobs.

In Color Salon is located on Will Clayton Pkwy In Atascocita, TX, which is just north of Houston.

You can visit their website for information on services, prices, hours, and to schedule an appointment.

In Salon also provides follow up service.  I received emails today from their Online Concierge which provides 24 hr. 7 day a week availability for scheduling and reminders, etc., and they inquired about my visit.  Which, upon leaving the Salon yesterday, Jamie also informed me that I would be receiving a free hair cut for my birthday.  Yay!

So as you have read, wonderful in every aspect, from initial contact, to super pampering treatment, great hair do, friendly follow up service, and a birthday gift on top of all that!  I could definitely get used to this – and I plan to!

Till next time, stay wonderful!  And save an appointment for me!


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