Chris Blue on The Voice!

5/24/17 Blog Post Update!


The Voice Winner!!!

I knew he could do it!  So happy for Chris and for Team Alicia’s first win!!


Oh my goodness!

Did you catch The Voice last night?

Spoiler alert to those who may have not.

What an amazing performance by Chris Blue on Alicia Keys’ team.  He covered Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic.  And it was magic!  He is so freaking good!

Photo: NBC Tyler Golden/NBC

Not only his singing but those moves!  I was like WOW!!!  Totally blown away.

Fingers crossed he’ll still be in the competition after tonight’s eliminations.  Alicia and Blake both say that he’s unstoppable, and according to what I heard and saw, I’m with them 100%!

Go Chris Go!

I have several favorites this year, but for me he is #1.  Keep it goin’ on Chris. I’ll be eagerly watching.

Sending good vibes and well wishes.

Till next time stay wonderful!  And thank you for the entertainment Yum!


Photo: NBC Trae Patton/NBC

Top Feature Photo: NBC Tyler Golden/NBC

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