In Search of the Best Burger, Part Deux

Upon my return to eating meat after twenty years, I decided that if I was going to do it, I was going to do it right.

So with that I’ve been trying different methods at home for the most delicious preparations for beef and of course searching for the best beef when desiring to dine out.

My favorites so far are roast beef and steak.  Burgers seemed to have landed in third, so the quest began for tasty burgers – both at home and for dining out.

So it’s like a fresh palate on a mission!

We visited Zachary’s Cajun Cafe in Kingwood, TX over a month ago and my burger experience there was FABULOUS!!!  There is a blog post here about Zachary’s and that visit. Quest for the Best Burger in Town and Conquering the Bayou Beast.

I’ve been to several other restaurants since then and have ordered other burgers, but so far no new burger fabulousness to report on as of yet.  Here on Yum Factor 10 it’s all about the YUM.  If it falls short, there are no bad reports, just no report.

But I will tell you, I was really wanting a good burger about a week ago, so instead of trying another spot I did return to Zachary’s for Kingwood’s Best Burger, and yep – It was just as delicious the second time around.  If not even more so!

It came out piping hot – I mean really hot, and the first bite was heavenly.  So delicious.  Totally brings back memories of a good old fashioned diner burger.  The bun is soft and just right.  The fillings are ample.  The star is the burger itself and how it’s cooked.  I love that char on the outside of the patty.  This time around there was a presence of fresh ground pepper that I had not caught previously.  It was a nice unexpected surprise of tasty bits of pepper heat and flavor.

The fries are good as well.  Crispy and very flavorful and they are served hot.  That’s always a bonus.

So for now, Zachary’s is the only spot on my list for a “must try” burger.

We visited this time on a Saturday night, and there was a live band.  They were very good, and played classic rock songs.  We had a really great time and a great meal served hot and very quickly.  I told my husband that perhaps I should keep quiet about this awesome place – you know, keep it to myself, but nah…  I’ll be nice and share.  They certainly deserve the accolades and everyone deserves to try their delicious food!

And on the home front, after trying several different types of ground meats, and even switching  grocery stores to get the very freshest ground beef – (well, actually ground sirloin has been the winner in this category), we finally made what I believe is the best home burger so far.  I will share that recipe in an upcoming post and where we found the freshest ground beef in our area, which is the Humble, Kingwood, Atascocita, TX area, just north of Houston.

If any of you have any suggestions for where to find the best burger in the HKATX area, I’m very happy and eager to hear about your experiences and would love to try some of them out!

Till next time, stay wonderful and enjoy great burgers!


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