Vinyl Record Art

Now, these are cool!

And cool in so many ways.

Seems like vinyl is making a comeback, which is awesome.  Vinyl records are collectible on their own, but now they have become art!  And very cool art!  And they’re clocks!  I’m obsessed with clocks!

I came across Vinyl Shop US on Etsy,  while searching for inspirational wall art.  They have a vinyl art piece that came up in search that says Live, Love, Laugh, and that caught my attention.  Then upon further inspection, look what I found!


I was definitely hooked!

Then Sinatra…

And MJ…

I’m like a kid in a candy store at this point!

Musical legends are just the beginning – and they have a lot of music legend vinyls to choose from, you’ve gotta go see!

They also have very fun and popular animative designs.  I know my son would love this one – Batman…

Peter Pan, always a beloved classic.

Their largest category is Skyline Clocks.  These are really nice.

I’m showing you Houston, of course.

Check out Vegas!

The details are so fun!

They also have different International cities.  Here’s London.

These are so creative, and it seems like there’s something for everyone, no matter your tastes.  They have other categories such as School Designs, Love Theme Designs, and Random Designs, plus they sell actual record lots.  Very entertaining shopping to be sure!

So a big thumbs up and thank you to Vinyl Shop US for bringing Vinyl Art Clocks YUM!!

Where to find Vinyl Shop US

Etsy Shop:





Till next time, stay wonderful!


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