The Shabby Cowgirl

The name may say shabby, but this lady’s work is certainly full of charm.  Good ol’ Southern – or Texas charm, to be more specific.

Trisha Clement of The Shabby Cowgirl is stamping out these very charming pieces of jewelry in New Braunfels, TX.  Trisha says stamping metal is her passion, and that she’s been making jewelry for friends and family for about four years now.

Her inspirations are very apparent in her work, and stole my heart immediately.  I love being a Texan and love everything that celebrates being a Texan, and I love all the pop culture that she brings in to her work as well.  So yeah, she had me hooked quite quickly!

If you’re a fan of Smokey and the Bandit movies, you’ll definitely get a kick out of these Bandit and Frog key rings.  Great his/her gift.

How about this cute BFF set?  Who’s the Lucy and who’s Ethel?

Everything is just so fun and clever!  There are other pop culture references in her pieces like nods to Top Gun, Thelma and Louise and Urban Cowboy.

Trisha works hard at her craft and says “I’m constantly striving to improve my techniques.  I’m actually in the process of learning to solder so that I can in incorporate that into my jewelry, keychain and wine charm pieces.”

You can definitely see and feel much passion in her creations.

Trisha sells her designs online in her Etsy Shop, so we can now snag some of this awesomeness for ourselves!

Here are her links:

The Shabby Cowgirl Etsy Shop



I hope you’ll stop by and see her soon.  I’m trying to figure out which piece I want first!  It’s a tough decision, and I have several favorites for sure.

Thank you Trisha for bringing us stamped metal YUM!

Till next time, stay wonderful!






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