Welcome New Sponsor – Pretty Byrd Designs!

A huge welcome to our newest sponsor, Pretty Byrd Designs!

Beth Byrd of Pretty Byrd Designs has been a friend for some time now and has always been very supportive of Yum Factor 10, so it is quite thrilling for her to join our Yum Factor 10 family as a sponsor.

Beth is a super talented lady and is quite the genius when it comes to paper creations.  She has her own Etsy shop where she features her designs that include mini journals (I have 2!), cards for every occasion, note cards, keepsake boxes and more.

I hope you’ll stop by and visit Beth and see all of her gorgeous designs.  She also loves receiving custom order requests and is FANTASTIC at fulfilling them.  I have personally requested two custom orders, and they have turned out even more beautiful than I could ever imagine.  I recently requested a very sentimental card, and it turned out so wonderful it actually made me cry.

When you stop by Pretty Byrd Designs, you’ll see that Beth has a 5 star rating and many many raves from very happy customers.  She designs with love, from her heart.

Pretty Byrd Designs Etsy Shop

Till next time, stay wonderful!


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