Fashion Maverick

Linda Kratz has always wanted to be an animal illustrator.  And although side tracked into contemporary fine art, she says “No regrets, but here I am back to my original ambition.”

I came across Linda and her fabulous work while searching for a special Father’s Day gift for my husband.  I knew I would like to give him some type of jewelry, and thought of a bolo tie.  I also wanted to incorporate a Coyote if at all possible since that is his nickname and spirit animal.

I wondered if this would be an impossible task asking for two seemingly rare items in one, but I went about my quest.  I was very pleasantly surprised when I found Linda’s shop and the very beautiful original art piece jewelry that she makes.   And the gorgeous Coyote!  I knew that this was the one!

It was a great pleasure receiving the Coyote bolo.  Linda made the one for my husband in black leather (Featured image).  So it is really a special item, made just for him, and he really loves it.

Linda makes quite an array of beautiful animal art jewelry pieces as well as custom pet portraits and pet portrait jewelry.

 Her bolo ties are the ones that stand out for me.  Linda describes the bolo tie as a fashion maverick, which they certainly are.  And she has made hers stand out in a truly unique artistic fashion.

I share my life with a fine menagerie of pets and surround myself with others who do the same. When I do a portrait from a photograph, I aim to capture the spirit, warmth and beauty of the subject beyond the photo. From my pastel drawings, I can make unique jewelry pieces that my clients adore.

You can find Linda’s shop on Etsy:

Linda Kratz

A big thank you to Linda for bringing such beauty to life.

Till next time, stay wonderful, and don’t be afraid to be a Fashion Maverick!  I love it!


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