Vinyl Record Art

Now, these are cool!

And cool in so many ways.

Seems like vinyl is making a comeback, which is awesome.  Vinyl records are collectible on their own, but now they have become art!  And very cool art!  And they’re clocks!  I’m obsessed with clocks!

I came across Vinyl Shop US on Etsy,  while searching for inspirational wall art.  They have a vinyl art piece that came up in search that says Live, Love, Laugh, and that caught my attention.  Then upon further inspection, look what I found!


I was definitely hooked!

Then Sinatra…

And MJ…

I’m like a kid in a candy store at this point!

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In Search of the Best Burger, Part Deux

Upon my return to eating meat after twenty years, I decided that if I was going to do it, I was going to do it right.

So with that I’ve been trying different methods at home for the most delicious preparations for beef and of course searching for the best beef when desiring to dine out.

My favorites so far are roast beef and steak.  Burgers seemed to have landed in third, so the quest began for tasty burgers – both at home and for dining out.

So it’s like a fresh palate on a mission!

We visited Zachary’s Cajun Cafe in Kingwood, TX over a month ago and my burger experience there was FABULOUS!!!  There is a blog post here about Zachary’s and that visit. Quest for the Best Burger in Town and Conquering the Bayou Beast.

I’ve been to several other restaurants since then and have ordered other burgers, but so far no new burger fabulousness to report on as of yet.  Here on Yum Factor 10 it’s all about the YUM.  If it falls short, there are no bad reports, just no report.

But I will tell you, I was really wanting a good burger about a week ago, so instead of trying another spot I did return to Zachary’s for Kingwood’s Best Burger, and yep – It was just as delicious the second time around.  If not even more so!

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Chris Blue on The Voice!

5/24/17 Blog Post Update!


The Voice Winner!!!

I knew he could do it!  So happy for Chris and for Team Alicia’s first win!!


Oh my goodness!

Did you catch The Voice last night?

Spoiler alert to those who may have not.

What an amazing performance by Chris Blue on Alicia Keys’ team.  He covered Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic.  And it was magic!  He is so freaking good!

Photo: NBC Tyler Golden/NBC

Not only his singing but those moves!  I was like WOW!!!  Totally blown away.

Fingers crossed he’ll still be in the competition after tonight’s eliminations.  Alicia and Blake both say that he’s unstoppable, and according to what I heard and saw, I’m with them 100%!

Go Chris Go!

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My First Birchbox!

How exciting to receive a box of goodies in the mail!

My first Birchbox arrived today filled with all kinds of new beauty products to try.

It came in a bubble envelope and inside was a sealed box and my free gift for signing up.

Upon opening the sealed box, voila! The famous Birchbox box!

I know… I’m easily amused!  That’s what my husband tells me all the time.

When you sign up for Birchbox, they ask you questions about yourself so that they can customize the contents of your box.  Questions about your skincare type and needs, your hair type, your beauty care preferences, etc.

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In Color Salon

You know the saying about how things always work out for the best?

 Well, I’m a definite believer, and it seems that this was one of those times, and time for me to try a new salon this week.  Due to fun unexpected happenings and scheduling reasons, I had to take the plunge.

Since the last time we talked hair and salons, I made the decision to go back to coloring my hair, and it was also time for a new Bob style.

After a little research online deciding which area salon to try, I chose Paul Mitchell’s In Color Salon here in Atascocita, and so glad I did!  I had the time of my life, met some new friends, and got a fantastic new do!

Upon calling the salon, I was very pleasantly surprised that they did actually have an opening that same evening.  They stay open till 8 pm, three nights a week.  So convenient for after work appointments.

I was scheduled with Brittany, a Master Stylist, and was told that she had been with the salon for 10 years, so I felt very comfortable going in.

And master she is!  Oh my goodness…  I have been getting a Bob style cut for many years and do not ever remember anyone being as precise as Brittany.  My husband told her after the cut that she was the first person he’d ever seen sitting in a chair to cut hair.  And that was certainly my first experience with that as well.  When she cut the sides, she put herself right at eye level with where she was cutting so that it would be a very clean edge.  Every detail of the cut, from beginning to end, was perfection.  And she did it with such seemingly ease.  You can tell that she’s more than experienced in her artistry.

And my new do!

Brittany made me feel welcome from the get-go.  We had a consult, she looked at the pictures I had as examples, and knew exactly the style that I was wanting.  She told me that she really enjoys doing this type of cut, and that was exciting and assuring news to me.

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Steak and Potato Quesadillas Homestyle

Steak, fried potatoes, sauteed onions and garlic topped with provolone and Mexican blended cheeses…  Are you thinking yum??

I came up with this idea when I was thinking about what I wanted to make for dinner the other night.  I had a nice piece of steak left over from a previous night’s dinner and wanted to incorporate that into another delicious meal.

I knew I had flour tortillas, so yay!  Let’s make steak quesadillas.  But why not kick it up a bit? My husband makes the most delicious fried cubed potatoes, so light bulb!

He agreed to make the potatoes for our new meal idea, so we got together and came up with this!  The steak and potato quesadilla is a very easy recipe in and of itself, and we’re also sharing my husband’s how to for his delicious potatoes and the onion/garlic saute that accompanies them.

First, the ingredients:

Flour Tortillas

Steak – Fully cooked and thinly sliced

Fried Potatoes – We used cubed sized for our quesadillas (recipe to follow)

Sauteed Onions and Garlic (recipe to follow)

Smokey Provolone Cheese Slices (or shredded)

Shredded Mexican Blended Cheeses

Easy Peasy.  This recipe is so versatile as well.  You could make these with a different protein, add any veggies you like, your favorite cheeses, etc.  Have fun and be creative!

When I put these quesadillas together I like to line my counter with a strip of foil or paper towels.  It makes for very easy cleanup afterward.

Simply lay your tortillas out and start filling.  I place a slice of provolone cut in half onto one side of the tortilla (the half pieces side by side on the arc of the tortilla) then I spoon on some fried potatoes, a little of the onion and garlic saute, followed by bite size pieces of steak and then top it all with the shredded Mexican blend of cheeses.

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Artist Rolly G. Series, Part Three

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Rolly G.

“Sometimes we don’t understand the things that happen in our life. Life may be just purely black. No light, full of darkness and misery.

But we should not stop moving on and moving forward. We may experience darkness, challenges and struggles, but we must have the strength to combat these barriers in life.”

Welcome to Part Three of the Artist Rolly G. Series.  I’m very happy to present more fascinating art works from Rolly G.  Rolly’s work captured me from first sight.  He continues to amaze me with his style and his inner vision.

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Texas Humor

The love of Texas and the pride of being a Texan is something that cannot be explained.  It’s just that special something that’s deep rooted in a Texan’s heart.

That’s why I was instantly drawn to this family and their small business. They’re all about Texas pride, and displaying your Texas pride for all to see.

Texas Humor.  Clothing for the Texas State of Mind.  Gotta love it!

Jay and Priscilla are the owners of Texas Humor.  Here is a little of their story in their own words.

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